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Atlanta Chemical Engineering has developed microwave active compositions (MWAC) as a tool for visualization the energy distribution within a microwave thermal processing cavity. Sheets or objects coated with our products could be used for school, scientific and engineering projects. Using our compositions, you would be able to see the actual microwave distribution inside the domestic or industrial microwave ovens and any other multi-mode microwave heating equipment. If the MWACs are coated on a non-absorbent (transparent) to microwaves material with no load in the processing chamber, then the spots on the model will correspond to the generic (empty cavity) electromagnetic intensity pattern. The latter will change if a microwave absorbent object is used for testing. The magnitude of transformation depends on an irradiated model's geometry and dielectric properties. Some microwave absorptive materials with high dielectric loss factor may not be used for testing. Contact us for consideration of your particular testing material. We offer two kinds of microwave active compositions: Reversible and Irreversible. The Reversible MWAC changes color from red to colorless and back, while the Irreversible MWAC changes the color from black to colorless just once permanently.
Reversible Liquid MWAC
Irreversible Liquid MWAC
Reversible Microwave MWAC Paper
Irreversible Microwave MWAC Paper

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