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Atlanta Chemical Engineering offers Sun activated (Photochromic) powder pigments, fabric paints, paints and liquid inks. These products change color when exposed to Sunlight. The materials are pink indoors, turning to blue outdoors under the sun light. The process is reversible- when you go back indoor or block the sun light, they turn back to its original color - pink.
All our products are high-quality NON-toxic materials.
The Sun activated pigment could be mixed with mediums such as glues, paint, varnishes, resins, gels, liquid plastics/polymers, nail polish and many more. The pigment doesn't mix directly with water. Fabric paint, paint and liquid ink are ready to use products.
The fabric paint could be applied on most of the natural and synthetic fabrics or any combination of them.
The paint and liquid ink are used on paper, cardboard, rubber and wood. The paint also has good coverage on metal, plastics and more. The liquid ink is thinner then paint and it’s suitable for airbrushing.
Our products can be used for Home & School projects, Science experiments, arts & crafts or wherever your imagination takes you.
The Sun activated materials will not react to the temperature like our thermochromic products and it will not change color by the heat of your hands. It changes color only when exposed to Sunlight or Ultraviolet flashlight.

* In real life the colors may not appear the same as the images seen on your monitor due to variations between the computer monitors and naked eye color difference.
Pink-Blue Sun Activated Pigment
Pink-Blue Sun Activated Fabric Paint
Pink-Blue Sun Activated Paint
Pink-Blue Sun Activated Liquid Ink
White-Violet Sun Activated Pigment
White-Violet Sun Activated Fabric Paint
White-Violet Sun Activated Paint
White-Blue Sun Activated Pigment
White-Blue Sun Activated Fabric Paint
White-Blue Sun Activated Paint

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